Love, Actually [Poem]

Distance is not only
a physical reality
but a feeling.
A thousand miles
can feel like no more
than the width of a paper
when hearts
are aligned.

The air in my chest
that breathes truth – all of it –
is yours
and I hope the air in yours
is mine
no matter how far we wander
or what distances
we must overcome.

One thought on “Love, Actually [Poem]

  1. Alternatively, the thickness (is that what you meant by width?) of paper can feel like a thousand miles, says the medical translator putting aside the stack to finally go on lunch break, as she wonders who “legally” owns the air in her chest “right now”, is it “appealable”?, and does such individual or entity routinely check the quality or…? And her brain goes on ad nauseum and she takes so.many.breaths belonging to so.many.people that she wishes she could put each in a ziploc and individually mail them back with something like “I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you.” 🤓


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