Lover Amid Ashes [Poem]

Like cigar ash
my memories of you long linger,

tight packed in my heart
and in my head.

When my lungs make room
for new memories,

the ash burns as warm
as your smile,

smelling of cedar
and butter,

tasting of
the soft-sweetest spices.

Photo by Lucas Filipe on Unsplash

The prompt on DVerse this evening is to write an ash quadrille – 44 words, including the word ash.

29 thoughts on “Lover Amid Ashes [Poem]

  1. really cool images – the idea of butter and cedar perfuming a memory, of sweet-tasting spices, makes me think on flavoured tobacco – all very cleverly used in this 44 – it’s simply …. evocative 🙂

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  2. When my lungs make room
    for new memories,
    I like this – the idea that the whole body holds memories – smell and taste and muscle memory.
    Why do cigars smell so much better than cigarettes?
    Lovely poem of the senses, and some great taste choices.

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  3. Love to see you mastering sensory poems.

    I would love to request a poem solely based on sound next. (Like a song request, it’s just a general desire, I don’t expect it to be honored or anything!)

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