World’s End Pt. 2 [Poem]

I return to the beginning
at the end of it all

before the fires burned
and put themselves out
out of spite

before the sea spit
on the shores in disgust
and swallowed the sun whole

before the future
laughed at me
as though it knew something I didn’t

before the past
sang a sweet lament
for what I would become

before the present
devoured itself
and the whole universe collapsed inward

There is no precipice
no ledge rising up over the darkness

and I do not even remember how I arrived here
at the doorway to world’s end

The doormat reads: Break in case of fire
and the past present and future laugh with me for a moment

Two pale arms reach through the door to greet me
embracing me as their own

at the end of it all
i return to the beginning

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “World’s End Pt. 2 [Poem]

  1. I love the tone of indifference/observation as the imagery unfolds. I like the ambiguous ending of not knowing whose arms they are. Are they yours?

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    • The tone of indifference was sort of meant to highlight that the speaker is already dead, the world has ended.

      The arms are the speaker’s mother’s, reaching out to hold them as the world ends. Thus “at the end of it all, I return to the beginning”.


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