Frost // Kennedy [Poem]

By destiny bound,
two men stood side by side,
surrounded by sound
pouring from cheering human tides.

The day was set
for future to dawn,
there on the White House lawn,
under a noon-time sun.

The light was blinding,
the old man finding it hard,
to read the words he wrote,
forced to speak from his heart

a truth at once
brighter, stronger, surer,
than when last he spoke it
when his intentions were purer.

For he came this day,
to join hand in hand,
with the political future
of a much younger man.

They stood and smiled and waved,
til the crowd had gone home,
neither knowing that before long,
they both would be gone.

At DVerse, the prompt today calls for us to write about a famous poet. Your title must include the poet’s name and you should try and employ something of the poet’s style.

29 thoughts on “Frost // Kennedy [Poem]

  1. What a moment in history. So happy it happened but so sad at what was to come so quickly afterwards. Nice tribute poem to two great human beings. Frost is a favorite of mine.


  2. This is such a unique poem, Evan, which takes me back in history to a time when I was too young to be aware of or understand Robert Frost, but old enough to appreciate the tragedy of JFK, which I watched on the news with my parents. I like how you captured the sound ‘pouring from cheering human tides’.

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  3. You’ve really captured Frost’s voice here. A powerful and sorrowful tribute to both men. I found the video interesting, how Frost had to abandon his script and speak from his heart. Thank you for sharing!

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