Blue Tuesday Heart-String Blues [Poem]

My heart is overgrown with vines

that glow green-radiant
in unkempt spring breezes
and rustle
across the un-tuned strings
of my weary heart
in the most sweet-melancholic melody

Like the ghost of a memory,
that melody stirs something
somewhere in the deep recesses amid the vines,
the phantom limbs of the breeze
hugging my heart
in the wailing and whistling vocals
of my ancestors.

The vines wrap around my heart
tightly against the dusk
and the promise of cold,
their old and reborn roots anchoring me
as the blue-frost edges of sunset
take hold.

Blanketed by ghosts and memories,
my heart aches
as I recall
amid the piercing notes
of my Blue Tuesday heart-string blues
how many vines I tore up,
expecting to remain rooted.

Photo by Pete Walls on Unsplash

On DVerse, the prompt today is to write a poem about the word blue, whether the color, the feeling, or the musical style.

29 thoughts on “Blue Tuesday Heart-String Blues [Poem]

  1. I enjoyed your heart-string blues, Evan! The heart overgrown with vines tugged me in and just would not let go. I especially love the lines:
    ‘their old and reborn roots anchoring me
    as the blue-frost edges of sunset
    take hold’.

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  2. “How many vines I tore up expecting to remain rooted” …. this poem has deep meaning and requires a bit of thinking time. Well penned!

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  3. A wonderful post to the prompt!
    Love the third stanza….beginning with “Like the ghost of a memory,”
    And then the ending….the melancholy realization of the roots torn up…very well done!

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  4. Your blues are not silent or resigned which is a good thing because it means you have the energy to break free from them. Old and reborn roots are entwined and support each other. And you know that even if you are uprooted you have the adaptability to roll with it. Great poem, Evan.

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